Community 2018

update: 2018-07-25

fname lname email team color status
han yong LEE 1 green u
gye woon CHOI 1 green s
gyu dong HWANG 1 green u
dong woo JANG 1 green s
kevis paul MBONYINSHUTI 1 green u
daisuke NOHARA 1 green s
toma emilov STOYANOV 1 green u
you WANG 1 green u
zhe ZHANG 1 green u
tongtong ZHAO 1 green u
ting ZHAO 1 green u
jung kyu AHN 2 blue s
daniel CAVIEDES VOULLIEME 2 blue s
bowen CHEN 2 blue u
hansol KI 2 blue u
jaelong LEE 2 blue u
jordan jacques manuel PINHEIRO 2 blue u
juan SALINAS AMO 2 blue u
vidal marvin GABRIEL 2 blue u
adi WIRANTO 2 blue u
ming XIAO 2 blue s
jonghyun YOON 2 blue u
emilio GOZO 3 yellow s
evelyn ABADIA 3 yellow u
mariela ALCAPARAS 3 yellow u
gyu-ri BACK 3 yellow u
nicolas BRANCO 3 yellow u
daniela DOMACHOWSKA 3 yellow u
elena GRAND-PERRIN 3 yellow u
jeanne HUANG 3 yellow s
gyuyoung HWANG 3 yellow u
soyeon KIM 3 yellow u
jaechan SON 3 yellow u
xiaoying ZENG 3 yellow u
philippe GOURBESVILLE 4 red s
benwei HOU 4 red s
victor JUST GUERRA 4 red u
jean-baptiste NICOLLET 4 red u
suhee PARK 4 red u
clarissa RIVERA 4 red u
jie SONG 4 red u
symbat UKASHOVA 4 red u
ioannis TSITROULIS 5 purple u
paula CASTELLANO 5 purple u
aubin CHONOSKI 5 purple u
kiwon LEE 5 purple u
shie-yui LIONG 5 purple s
jay ROY ESPINAS 5 purple u
patrick SAFRAN 5 purple s
shan WU 5 purple s
weixin ZHAO 5 purple u
guangtai ZHENG 5 purple u
zied AMAMA 6 white u
aashutosh ARYAL 6 white u
lihong CAO 6 white s
bo CHEN 6 white u
xiuru CHU 6 white u
shiheng JIANG 6 white u
daye KIM 6 white u
thi nguyen NGOC 6 white u
guisheng ZHAO 6 white s
yuwen ZHOU 6 white s


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Team group & workspace

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Editing your workspace?

All members of your team can edit the workspace with their personal AquaCloud ID.
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